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I promised to write about my foodie experiences in Brussels, so this is where I’ll post about my favorite restaurants. I’ll start by listing them with a short description and add a blog review in due time. I especially want to thank Hot Cuisine de Pierre for encouraging me and reminding me about my intention to write about good food in Brussels. Here they are!

  • one of my favorite food places in Brussels is the neighborhood of Sint-Katelijne (Saint-Catherine in French). This is an area with a lot of fish stores, specialty stores (a coffee store, a mushroom store…), Asian supermarkets and (fish) restaurants, such as the much appraised Ellis Gourmet Burger, which I have yet to try. There are also two fish stores (De Noordzee and ABC Poissonnerie) which have ‘fish bars’, where they serve fresh bites at an outdoors counter around the store. It’s very ‘local Brussels culture’, you’ll find lots of people hanging around there on weekends, enjoying some calamars and a beer. At the Oude Graanmarkt, there is a brasserie, Le Paon Royal, which I really like. Furthermore, there is a bio market at the square on Wednesdays, where I got the ingredients for my kohlrabi wok dish.  If you’re in Brussels and want to taste the local atmosphere, it’s a must-see!
  • One of the best Indian restaurants in Brussels is to be found in the Louiza area: La Porte des Indes. Part of an international chain of top restaurants, we tried the amazing buffet (though I’m sure the menu is splendid as well).
  • In the Schildknapenstraat/Rue d’Ecuyer, I’ve tried two Italian pasta restaurants: Ricotta and Parmesan and Pasta Queen. While the first has a more cozy and stylish interior (Pasta Queen turned out to be a bit kitschy), they both serve good pasta, quick enough to have before or after a movie at the nearby UGC De Brouckère.
  • La Mamma is an excellent Italian restaurant at Place Saint-Josse (Sint-Joost ten Node, near Madou) with a great price/quality ratio. The interior is typically Italian and so is the chef, which definitely adds to the charm. Be prepared to eat until you drop when ordering the sabayon for dessert!
  • If you want Asian, the Rue Jules Van Praet (next to Dansaert) is your place to be. Skip the wannabe-Irish Indian place (we had a bad experience there with tap water in bottles) but try one of the many Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. I like Lune de Miel for a simple but fine dinner.
  • Great Turkish food can be found all along the Haachtsesteenweg. I’ve tried out Hunkar Sofrasi, which has excellent mezze and pide to offer. For dessert, try the great Turkish patisseries where you can drink tea and wolf down any combination of Turkish sweets (think: baklava!).
  • So far I’ve tried two Spanish places: the Basque eatery Comocomo and Bar a Tapas, both in the Bourse  area. Comocomo in the Antoine Dansaertstraat has a fun concept with revolving belts, you can mix and match Basque tapas from different colored categories. The food is good, but not extraordinary, and a lot of the dishes are rather greasy. Bar a Tapas, in Rue Borgval has an array of traditional tapas. The food is very good and tastes authentically Spanish, but sometimes the service is slow, especially if you’re more than two people.
  • A more clasically inspired restaurant with excellent food for a very decent price is Selecto in Rue de Flandre. It’s one of my boyfriend’s favorites, he took me there for my birthday. They have a duo and trio menu formula that lets you combine any two or three items from the menu for a fixed price.


Got any good places? Share them with me, I’m always willing to try something new!


  • 4 maart 2013 - 10:37 am | Permalink


    The following restaurants are also good:

    Moroccan: La Kasbah @Dansaertstraat
    Lebanese: Al Barmaki
    Travel-bar Via Via:
    Thainese: Little Asia
    Sushi: Samourai
    Ethiopian: Toukoul
    Belgian: Bar Bik, Het Kelderke

  • Aude
    4 maart 2013 - 11:05 am | Permalink

    Thank you for the suggestions! I already know Via Via, will definitely try the other ones.

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